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"Jesus in the Old Testament" 5 PJ: So God sent ten plagues, each worse than the last, but Pharaoh's heart was hardened— Hunter: —and two sizes too small. PJ: Until finally God took the first born of every household. Austin makes a house shape. Hunter: (Covering Austin in a RED SCARF) Unless a lamb was sacrificed and its blood was smeared on the doorposts.

From then on, whenever John the apostle refers to “God” he is referring to the father–because the Word had become incarnate in the man Jesus. Therefore, we can see that whenever God is seen in the Old Testament, it is the pre-incarnate Christ. Moses was seeing the Word before it was made flesh or became flesh in the Old Testament. It appears as if God appeared as an angel to people in the Old Testament , for it would seem like His relationship to the angels would be a visible image of an angel , and when Jesus was born it is now a visible image of God in a glorified body to the angels . ... Was jesus an angel in the old testament. 2. Jesus appears as an angel to Abraham. Another way that Jesus is in the Old Testament is in the form of Christophanies—pre-incarnate appearances of the Son of God. The Old Testament uses the term angel of the Lord interchangeably with the Lord in reference to these visitations. One Christophany is found in Genesis 18:1-33 when the Lord appeared to Abram in human form.

The Pre-Incarnate Son. Throughout the Old Testament, we encounter a mysterious figure referred to as "the angel of the L ORD " ( Genesis 16:7 ), "the word of the L ORD " (15:1 NASB; Jeremiah 1:4 NASB ), or even the "presence" of the L ORD ( Exodus 33:14 ). This figure sometimes takes human form ( Genesis 16:7 ), comes as a voice.

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A Christophany is specifically an Old Testament appearance of Christ, the second person of the Trinity. Since no one has seen or can see God the Father (Exodus 33:20; John 1:18, 5:37, 6:46; 1 Timothy 6:15–16), most theologians believe the times in the Old Testament where God is “seen” refer to Jesus. In a similar way the Old Testament has "hidden" pictures of Jesus. He doesn't just show up for the first ... While scholars have debated whether Melchizedek was the pre-incarnate Christ, at the.

In 2 Kings 19:15 we see that this is the God of Israel. Amos 4:11-13 teaches that this same God is the Lord , the God of Hosts. However, Jesus was also the creator in a political sense.

However, many believe that a certain recurring character in the Old Testament can be identified with the pre-incarnate Jesus, meaning that he appears in the Old Testament as well as the New. There is a tradition that Jesus can be identified as the Angel of the Lord who appears to Hagar, Abraham and Moses, and in Judges and Zechariah.

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